22q Specialty Clinic - Medical Evaluations

Dr. Lisa Kobrynski, a Pediatric Immunologist, is the Medical Director of the 22q Specialty Clinic located at the Emory Children's Center.

Address: Emory Children's Center, 2015 Uppergate Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 30322

Appointments: 404-785-2490 or 800-848-9049 (toll free and ask for a 22q Clinic appointment)

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At this visit Dr. Kobrynski does a complete physical exam, evaluates previous studies, and orders the indicated laboratory and imaging studies. Dr. Conrad Cole (Gastroenterology) and Dr. Eric Felner (Endocrinology) are routinely available in the 22q Specialty Clinic. If a specific problem is identified ahead of time, every attempt will be made to have the appropriate specialist (ie Neurology) present for the clinic visit. Also, at this vist a developmental screening questionnaire is completed by the parents to help identify areas of concern (if any). Finally, referrals are made for further evaluations as indicated.

22q Specialty Clinic - Craniofacial Evaluations

John Riski, PhD, CCC-S, is the Director of the Speech Pathology Laboratory and Clinical Director for Craniofacial Disorders.

Address: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Craniofacial Center, 5455 Meridian Mark Rd, NE, Suite. 200, Atlanta, Ga. 30342

Appointments for Craniofacial evaluations: 404-785-2490 or 800-848-9049 (toll free)

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At this visit evaluations including structure of the mouth, speech, feeding and swallowing are performed by Dr. Riski and the Plastic Surgeons (if indicated). Dental evaluations and treatment are performed by Jack Thomas, DDS. Orthodontic evaluations and treatment are provided by Michael Granger, DMD. Both are very knowledgeable about the 22q Deletion syndrome and dental issues.

Neuropsychology and School Performance evaluations are also available at this location.

Appointments 404-785-2490

David Marcus, PhD administers neuropsychological evaluations to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize functioning in the home, school and community. This evaluation can be extremely helpful with designing an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Please note: If there are behavior problems, it is better to have those treated and under control in order to get the best evaluation and recommendations from this visit.