GDBBS Courses offered by DOHG faculty

Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015
IBS 746: Graduate Human Genetics IBS 561: Eukaryotic Chromosome Function IBS 746: Graduate Human Genetics IBS 593: Molecular Evolution
IBS 592: Quantitative Methods in PBEE IBS 515: Current Topics in Molecular Genetics

IBS 561 Eukaryotic Chromosome Organization & Function

Caspary (Spring, annual) 

This course focuses on the features of chromosomes that are fundamental to gene function and to their behavior in meiosis and mitosis.

IBS 592 Quantitative Methods in Population Biology, Ecology and Evolution –Waller with Conneely and Epstein (Spring, even years. Will be offered 2014)

This course will introduce the student to fundamentals of quantitative methods and analysis of data relevant to the Population Biology Ecology and Evolution (PBEE) graduate program. This course is required for PBEE graduate students. 2010 syllabus

IBS 593 Molecular Evolution

Zwick/Cutler (Spring, odd years. Will be offered 2015)

This course explores the interaction between molecular biology and evolutionary biology, considering molecular evolution as both process and as pattern. Students taking this course will have a better grasp of the development of patterns of genetic variation in populations. 2008 syllabus

IBS 714 Genomics and Human Genetics

Warren/Garber (Spring) UPDATE: Will not be offered 2014.

This focus of this course will be on the applications of human genetics knowledge to medically relevant situations. An in-depth discussion of a small series of genetic diseases will be used to illustrate particular concepts. Emphasis will be placed on molecular mechanisms of disease. 2010 syllabus

IBS 736 Genetic Epidemiology

Sherman/Epstein (Fall, even years. Will be offered 2014)

Genetic Epidemiology includes such topics as the application of genetic concepts to epidemiology, epidemiologic aspects of genetic traits, genetic approaches to familial aggregation, linkage analysis, multipoint linkage analysis and gene ordering, and the identification of disease loci.

IBS 746: Human Genetics 

Fridovich-Keil (Fall, annual)

This class will provide a foundation of knowledge in contemporary human genetics and will empower students to become critical readers of the primary literature. The syllabus is structured to include a combination of faculty lectures, daily to weekly in-class discussions of primary research papers, and a brief grant-composition and presentation exercise at the end of the semester. This course can fulfill the requirement for a critical reading-based class for first year GMB graduate students. 2010 syllabus