Katie Rudd, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: 5049 Claudia Nance Rollins

Lab: 5043 CNR

Phone: 404-727-9486

Email: krudd@genetics.emory.edu

Additional Contact Information

Mailing Address:

5049 Claudia Nance Rollins

1518 Clifton Road

Atlanta, GA 30322

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Research Interests

Genomic variation is a major source of human diversity and disease. We focus on variation at the chromosome level, investigating the mechanisms of DNA breakage and repair that generate deletions, duplications, translocations, and more complex chromosome rearrangements. We also study the impact of chromosome rearrangements on nearby genes and chromatin environments. Our goal is to unravel the mechanisms and epigenetic effects of human chromosome rearrangements.

Areas of Specialization

  • Subtelomeres
  • Chromosome breakage
  • DNA repair
  • Chromosome biology
  • Genome evolution


  • Fellowship, Medical Genetics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA,2007
  • PhD, Genetics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH,2005
  • BS, Biology, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA,1998

Board Certifications

  • 2007 Clinical Cytogenetics, American Board of Medical Genetics

Honors and Awards

  • 2009: March of Dimes Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Research Award


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