Fragile X Education and Resources

The National Fragile X Foundation

The NFXF has patient friendly information that can be obtained from their website at or by calling (800)688-8765. The organization hosts an international conference for families and professionals. The next conference will be held on July 20-24, 2016 in San Antonio, TX.

FRAXA Research Foundation

FRAXA is an organization founded in 1994 by three parents of children with fragile X syndrome to support scientific research aimed at finding a treatment and a cure for fragile X syndrome. FRAXA hosts a listserv for families, teachers, and friends to discuss questions and tips about living with fragile X syndrome.  You can find more information from their website at

Greater Atlanta Fragile X Community Support Network

This parent led association can provide informational support and guidance for newly diagnosed families in the area. For more information, email

Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC): Fragile X Information website

This is an informational website for families and physicians about fragile X-associated disorders.