Class of 2017

Grad 2017

Karen Compton Emory Healthcare - Prenatal

Clinical and genetic spectrum of a diverse retinoblastoma cohort

Jinny Eun

Duke University – Cancer

Genetic Counseling for Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease

Cristina Flanagan Baptist Health, FL - Cancer Efficacy and Utility of Genetic Counselors in Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Bojana Pencheva Emory University - Pediatric Oncology

Assessment of numeracy, genetic knowledge and perceptions of genetic testing in carriers of Hemophilia A and B

Erin Pigott Ohio State University - Pediatric Genetics

Classification of Tibial Deficiencies. Literature Review and New Cases

Brianna Pruniski Phoenix Children's Hospital - Genetics Clinic

Impact of newborn screening on families in the case of Pompe disease

Morgan Simmons Emory - Lysosomal Storage Disease Clinic

ThinkGenetic: Identification of misinformation and educational gaps in genetic knowledge via an innovative and interactive website

Kelcy Smith U of WI, Madison - Cancer

Identifying Missed Cases of Hypophosphatasia through an EMR Search Using Alkaline Phosphatase as a Filter

Liana Smolich Sutter Health System - Cancer

Health knowledge of women with the fragile X premutation: improving understanding with targeted educational material

Class of 2016

Class of 2016

Caitlin Austin Prenatal - Ft. Sanders, TN Genetic Counseling Increases Parental Knowledge and Psychological Adaptation to Turner Syndrome Diagnosis
Hailey Campbell Down Syndrome/ Fragile X Clinic, Emory, Atlanta, GA Parental Quality of Life of Tyrosinemia Type 1
Megan Glassford General : Peds and Metabolic, Univ. of Michigan The psychosocial impact of diagnosis on caregivers of children with 3q29 deletion syndrome
Amanda Hodgkins Miama Cancer Clincia, Miami, FL

Social media use in Gaucher disease and Fabry disease

Ellie Kaplan General: Peds, NBS-CF, Univ. of Chicago Disease specific genetic knowledge about cystic fibrosis in adolescents with cystic fibrosis and their parents
Sarah Macklin General: Peds, Wolfson Children's Hospital, Jacksonville, FL The psychosocial impact of carrying a debated variant in the GLA gene
Sarah Pass MD Anderson - Cancer

The Impact of Treatment on Reproductive Decisions in Fabry Disease

Jamie Paysour Northside Hospital - Cancer, Atlanta, GA

Caregivers and Clinical-Follow-Up in a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Clinic

Heather Wiles Intermountain Health Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Stress, Anxiety, and Adaptation to Genetic Information: Parental Experiences Receiving a

Prenatal Diagnosis of Klinefelter Syndrome

Class of 2015

Class of 2015

Amy Bradley Wellstar Health System
Atlanta, GA
Retinal arteriolar narrowing as a marker of Fabry disease severity
Rachel Donnell Pathway Genomics
Seattle, WA
Retention of genetics concepts after video education and motivations for utilizing a web-based carrier screening service
Whitney Espinel Intermountain Healthcare Improving health education for women who carry an FMR1 Premutation
Allison Foley Lysosomal Storage Disease Clinic
Emory, Atlanta, GA
Evaluation of genetic counseling practices in a post non-Invasive testing environment
Samuel Hyde MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX
Predictors of genetic literacy and comprehension of genetic/genomic terms among cancer patients. 
Marisa Jendras Wellstar Health System
Atlanta, GA
Communication as a modifier of parent response to newborn screening results
Maria Keever Camp Lejuene Naval Facility
Jacksonville, NC
Late-onset Pompe disease identified through electronic medical record search
Christine Tallo Winship Cancer Center
Atlanta, GA
Evaluating appropriateness of HBOC referrals by National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines and predictive risk models
Deena Wahba Riverside Healthcare System
Newport News, VA
Determinants of quality of life in individuals diagnosed with isolated dystonia
Shrutika Yeola Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA Identifying barriers to genetics referrals and patient compliance among Lynch Syndrome candidates with endometrial cancer

Class of 2014

Class of 2014

Aishwarya Devarajan University of Miami/Jackson Health System, FL Development of Newborn Screening Connect (NBS Connect): A self-reported patient registry and its role in improvement of care for inherited metabolic disorders
Miranda Chergosky Phoenix Children’s Hospital, AZ Analysis of Barriers and Facilitators in Adoption and Implementation of Endometrial Tumor Screening For Lynch Syndrome  
Alex Holmes University of OK, Health Sciences Center, OK A retrospective survey studying the impact of Fabry disease on pregnancy
Rebecca Napoliello Emory Healthcare Atlanta, GA Secondary health conditions among males with Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy
Kacie Riley Duke University Center for Human Genome Variation Recurrent Copy Number Variations in the 2q11.2-2q13 region cause novel syndromes 
Elizabeth Schmitt University of Louisville, KY Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Education Gaps in Georgia Primary Care Residency Training Programs
Yunru (Kathy) Shao Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital, TX Evaluation of two-year Jewish Genetic Disease Screening program in Atlanta: Insight into community genetic screening approaches
Kelly Teed Lineage
Salt Lake City, UT
Chromosomal Microarray Testing in Adult Patients with Syndromic Autism Spectrum Disorder Identifies Clinically Relevant Copy Number Variation
Anjana Varma Emory Healthcare Atlanta, GA The next generation of oncology clinical trials – defining the role of a ‘genomic counselor’
Rachel Webster MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX Receipt of Cancer Genetics Services among Young Breast Cancer Survivors in Georgia