Nutrition Services

Nutrition Management Counseling

The Metabolic Genetics Clinic provides direct and efficient inpatient and outpatient nutrition management.  There is always a metabolic dietitian on-call ready to assist patients in an emergency.  We work in conjunction with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston and their formula staff to provide optimal inpatient care.  We also provide extensive nutrition education and counseling during routine outpatient clinic visits.

Diet and Formula Instruction

The Metabolic Nutrition Program provides hands on diet and formula preparation instruction.  This process is most critical in newly diagnosed patients.  However, we offer additional instruction as needed throughout the lifecycle.  New patients receive a formula preparation session within 3 days of the diagnosis.

Computer Diet Analysis

Since treatment for metabolic disorders is primarily via nutrition management, frequent dietary analyses are conducted for proper monitoring.  Diet records are completed by the patient or their legal guardian, and are then entered into a computer diet analysis program by one of our metabolic dietitians.

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Diet Records

Food List Booklet Order Forms