The Emory 3q29 Project



The Emory 3q29 Project (, seated in the Department of Human Genetics, is a team-science effort that unites investigators with diverse expertise toward a common goal: dissection of the 3q29 interval and its associated pathology. We aim to understand the phenotypic spectrum, natural history, and molecular mechanism of 3q29 deletion syndrome and 3q29 duplication syndrome. Our team includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, human geneticists, statistical geneticists, cell biologists, biochemists, neurologists, medical geneticists, neuroimaging experts, and neuroscientists, among others. Our outstanding trainees, including MPH students, genetic counseling students, PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows, and residents, maintain exciting independent research projects focused on key questions related to these syndromes.  This rich and diverse group leaves us intellectually prepared to capitalize on our observations of the 3q29 phenotype, and design rigorous, well-crafted, adequately powered experiments to test our hypotheses and advance our understanding of the 3q29 interval.