Conneely lab software distribution

Annotation and R code for PC-based correction for population stratification in 450K methylation data can be found here.

CpGassoc: an R function for analysis of DNA methylation microarray data

Version 2.11 (for R versions ≥ R 3.0.0)

Version 1.6 (for R versions < R 3.0.0)

Please report errors or suggestions to Richard Barfield at

Users who prefer a dropdown menu approach should also check out our GUI software MethLAB, which has many of the same capabilities and can perform global methylation analysis.

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For information on installing binary R packages, see  To download R, visit  For large datasets (e.g. Illumina 450K data), we recommend running 64-bit R to avoid running into R's memory limits.

Thank you for your interest in CpGassoc!  To reference CpGassoc in a publication, please cite: Barfield RT, Kilaru V, Smith AK, Conneely KN.  CpGassoc: an R Function for analysis of DNA methylation microarray data.  Bioinformatics, 2012; 28(9):1280-1.

Current releases

Version 2.11 (built under R 3.0, compatible with newer versions of R) and Version 1.6 (compatible with older versions of R): 
  1. Fixed bug that was preventing the fdr.method="qvalue" from working in cpg.combine
  2. Fixed bug that was preventing random effects from working when there is missing data in the phenotype 
(Released 1/10/2014)

Older version history

  • Version 1.5/2.0: Fixed minor bugs in manhattan plot function and cpg.qc. Changed the default for QQ plots to not display genomic control factor (lambda) unless requested.  Version 2.0 was built under R 3.0 (released 9/16/2013).
  • Version 1.3: Added genomic control p-values. Added genomic control function cpg.GC. Fixed bug in manhattan plot function and plot function with mixed effect model t-statistics. Fixed bug in subset option of cpg.assoc.
  • Version 1.2: Improved finding of sites with extreme missingness that corresponded to the main phenotype of interest Version 1.1: Fixed bug in the function 'cpg.qc'.
  • Version 1.00: Can now save files as .eps and .pdf. Can specify titles for plots. Added genomic inflation factor based on the p-values for the qq-plots. Fixed a minor problem with performing permutation tests with mixed effects models for when a model fails to converge in a permutation. Slight changes in options for plot functions. See help pages for more information.
  • Version 0.95: Fixed small bug in scatterplot function. Version 0.9: Added a quality control function (cpg.qc) for Illumina data. Updated Help Pages Version 0.8: manhattan plot now allows users to set color scheme, only plot a certain region, or label the significant sites.  Also now includes a tutorial in the doc section of the package.
  • Version 0.7: Circumvented problem with phenotypes of very small variance.  Version 0.6: Fixed problem with scatterplot function. Also corrected some small problems with a categorical phenotype Version 0.5: Nicer Manhattan plots. User can now specify the covariates as a formula. Added further corrections for  possibility of user having a covariate of one unique value.  Version 0.4: Fixed bug in the function 'design' that would have affected categorical analysis. Also added std. error to  standard output (for tests of continuous independent variables only).
  • Version 0.3: Fixed bug in the function 'design'. 
  • Version 0.2: Beta values now are required to be one column per individual, one row per CpG site.