Community Education

Community Outreach

Especially in this age of 32nd sound-bites, an understanding of chromosomes and their behavior can seem just beyond our grasp. We are committed to increasing genetic literacy among adults throughout Southeast. We have facilitated "Genetics and Chromosomes 101", a session designed to introduce Chromosomes, DNA and genes, to provide a background for chromosomal trisomy and to explore the sequencing of the human genome and the role of genes in health and disease. This one-hour discussion is perfect for a lunch-and-learn or evening gathering for civic or faith-based organizations, libraries, and other adult gatherings. We also work with Down syndrome support and advocacy groups, both locally and nationally, serving as speakers, teachers and scientific advisors.

Local School Systems

We are active in the local school systems at the elementary, middle and high school classes. We offer activities and teaching sessions that meet state and national education standards as they relate to genetics and the understanding of chromosomal behavior during formation of egg and sperm.

For More Information

Kathryn Garber, Ph.D.
Director of Education
Dept. of Human Genetics
Emory University School of Medicine
Telephone: 404-712-9985