The Medical Nutrition Therapy for Prevention (MNT for P) Program is funded by the Georgia Department of Public Health.  This program is designed to provide medical foods including formula, low-protein modified foods, and some dietary supplements to individuals in the state of Georgia who are living with inherited metabolic disorders (IMD) and are unable to obtain medical foods through typical avenues due to insurance discrepancies or lack of insurance. Patients must notify the clinic at Emory University’s Department of Human Genetics that they are having trouble getting their necessary medical foods and further complete an application for enrollment in the program.

Once enrolled and proof of insurance denial has been recognized, patients will be able to order medical foods as needed at no cost until a more permanent method of coverage is established. MNT for P will enlist the services of an insurance navigator to help guide families through the process of obtaining insurance coverage and linking them with the correct Durable Medical Equipment company (DME) or pharmacy who supplies their medical foods.  While some insurance companies offer partial or full support for coverage of medical foods, it is often difficult for families to obtain any level of coverage when they are insured by Medicaid, Medicare, or not insured at all. Ideally, the MNT for P Program will serve as a bridge program for patients as they move from zero or partial coverage to full coverage plans.   

To read more, visit this link to Emory’s press release on the program:

For more information on the MNT for P Program, please contact:
Mary Lauren Salvatore, MPH, CHES

If interested in applying for MNT for P, please fill out the application below and return to:

Tammy L. Scott
Emory University Department of Human Genetics
2165 N. Decatur Rd.
Decatur, GA 30033

MNT for Prevention Application