Filter Paper Test Directions

  1. Fill out filter paper card with patient’s name, date of birth, collection date.
  2. Fill out parts of pages 1 and 3 of the Emory Genetics Lab Test Requisition Form where highlighted.
  3. Do not touch the filter paper before or after applying blood spot.
  4. Wash hands with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly.
  5. Clean fingertip to be pricked with 70% alcohol pad and air dry. Tip: You can rub the fingertip to increase the blood flow before pricking.
  6. Prick side of fingertip near fingernail with a sterile lancet. Lancets can be found in any drug store. Discard the lancet after use.
  7. Allow drop of blood to form. Wipe first drop of blood away with gauze or cotton ball. Allow second drop of blood to form.
  8. Apply large drop of blood to filter paper. One drop will fill a circle from front to back. Do not layer additional drops of blood, and apply blood to only one side of the filter paper.
  9. Fill TWO circles on card.
  10. Re-stick finger if blood does not flow freely. Follow steps 5 to 8.
  11. Allow to dry for four hours on a flat, clean, nonabsorbent surface that is away from heat and sunlight.
  12. Please send the filter paper, a copy of insurance card, and test requisition form completed in the provided envelope to: Emory Genetics Metabolic Nutrition Program; Attn: Sarah Yi; 2165 North Decatur Road; Decatur, GA  30033-5307